Cleveland Transition Bootcamp Booster Sessions

April 2020 – Medicaid Basics
Please contact Amy Clawson to obtain the Medicaid Overview presentation  from this session
Job and Family Services Public Benefits 101
MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) for Adults, Children & Families

March 2020 – Internet Safety

January 2020 – Please contact Amy Clawson to obtain the handout from this session

October 2019 – Medical Transition 101

E. Krapf Medical Transition 101 Intro 10_17_19 PDF

September 2019 – Waivers

Waiting List Assessment Guidance

Sept 2019 TB Waivers CCBDD presentation

July 2019 – Sexuality, Safety, Relationships

June 2019 – Achieving Quality Employment & Community Life,
Powerpoint Presentation
Employment & Community Life Graph

April 2019 – Guardianship & Alternatives

October 2018 – Medicaid

September 2018 – Achieving Quality Employment
Transition to Post-Secondary Education
Strategies for Youth and Adults with Disabilities to Successfully Transition from High School to College
Community Employment and Community Life Engagement
Presentation from OOD (Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities)

June 2018 – SSI, SSDI
Presentation 1
Presentation 2

September 2017 – Healthcare Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare

July 2017 – Guardianship and Other Alternatives

June 2017 – Housing

May 2017 – Medicaid & Social Security Income (SSI)

April 2017 – Educational, Training, and Vocational Options after High School
The Blue and Green of Self-Determination
Getting Ready for College

March 2017 – Writing Quality Transition Individual Education Plan (IEP) Goals – Part Two

March 2017 – Transition Laws and Rights in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Process – Part One

Video library for Cleveland Booster Sessions 2017