Supporting Families with Nursing Denials

Our hope is to advocate for nursing solutions and policy changes that improve the health and safety of children and youth with special health care needs.

In 2019 OHF2F will:

  • Lead the Coalition for Waiver Nursing meetings and networking
  • Continue conversations with DODD and Medicaid leadership and educate them on the impact of their actions, work on collaborations, and present potential solutions.
  • Meet with and educate new Ohio legislators, policymakers, and leadership of DODD and Medicaid on this nursing care issue once new agency leadership is in place in January 2019.
  • Add information and resources on the Ohio F2F website for families impacted by the new rules on Nursing and Nursing Delegation

We urge families to contact us to share your stories and to gain support by phone at 844-644-6323 or by email at Or, Disability Rights Ohio intake department at (614) 466-7264 or (800) 282-9181.

Since April 2018, OHF2F has led conversations with families, guardians, and multiple state agencies to work together for families who have very children and youth with special health care needs, and who are being denied nursing care by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Families have been suddenly faced with appealing Medicaid decisions and given the choice to use Homemaker Personal Care as a Delegating Nursing option.  Families have been confused and have little resources in finding qualified HPC staff who are competent and confident in caring for a medically intense person.  For now, Medicaid and DODD have agreed to keep approve nursing while families are in the midst of the appeals process with the assurance that they are looking for qualified HPC staff.  Families are caught in a conundrum – the direct support professional shortage, rigid legislative rules, and a lack of support from the very services that were designed for their loved ones’ needs.



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