Ohio Department of Health seeking stakeholder input

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) has been commissioned by the Ohio Department of Health to gather stakeholder input for the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) five-year assessments.

You are invited to complete an online survey (5-20 minutes depending on how many population groups you select) to identify the greatest needs for one or more of the following five population domains in Ohio:

  • Maternal/women’s health
  • Perinatal/infant health
  • Child health
  • Children with special healthcare needs
  • Adolescent/young adult health

The survey will remain open through Tuesday, December 4th. Thank you for your input.

As part of this project, HPIO facilitated a series of five regional forums in October 2018. These forums included afternoon MCH/MIECHV sessions where participants completed prioritization worksheets for one of the five population groups. Stakeholders who completed a worksheet at a regional forum are welcome to complete the online survey only for a group(s) other than the one for which they completed their worksheet at the regional forum. Individuals who did not participate in these forums are welcome to complete the survey for any/all population groups. Survey results will inform the Ohio Department of Health’s selection of priorities for the MCH and MIECHV programs.

Click here to review a pdf of the survey prior to completing it.


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