Mother impacted by recent F2F conference

Melody Bogan attended last month’s Strengthening Parent-Professional Partnerships Conference and was greatly impacted by the information she received that day. More on here story below.

I just wanted to thank you again for that conference.  It was truly wonderful.  I received so much great information that day, and I walked out feeling happy and hopeful!  The flow of the day was well-planned.  The speakers moved around, which helped me to not feel tired from just “sitting and listening” all day.  After that day, I was feeling overwhelmed by all of my son’s appointments coming up, and my available sick time at work is dwindling fast.  So I called a nurse at my son’s primary care clinic and asked if there was any way to consolidate some of these appointments to one day and limit my time off from work.  Voila, it was done while I was on the phone with her, and I feel like a great weight was lifted!  What a great example of Medical Home in action.  What a great example of Ohio F2F empowering a mom to advocate for what her family needs and initiate the solution to a problem by working with a healthcare provider.

After the conference and her experience with consolidating some appointments, Melody wrote a letter to the clinic where her son was seen. Read it here.



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