Elkins Family’s Experience with Ohio F2F

Finding Amy from Ohio Family2Family literally changed our life. Seems drastic doesn’t it? But when you have exhausted every effort you are aware of, and still haven’t gotten to the resolution, drastic is what you need. I had been attempting to resolve an insurance issue for my son, who has severe autism, for over a month. This insurance would mean services. Services would mean help. And we needed it at that the time more than ever. 

No matter where I called or how often, I could not get to the bottom of it. My son needed a specific insurance, and I knew he could have it, so why couldn’t I make this happen? I was referred to Amy and in ONE phone call, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. It was amazing what comfort can come from someone simply saying “this isn’t only your problem anymore, you have me now.” Amy had the answers and handled it with grace, experience and quickness. My son very quickly got his insurance and we started receiving our in-home services we so desperately needed. Those services have been life changing. 

Just knowing there is a place to call when navigating this complicated world of special needs and its many complex categories, is an absolute relief. We aren’t alone. Help really is a phone call away, and we are so grateful for that. 


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